Sonic's 16th Birthday

Happy Birthday Sonic!

We'd like to wish a Very Happy 16th Birthday to our favorite, and sometimes least favorite, little blue hedgehog. Sonic, you've been both a great joy and a bitter nemesis to all of us hedgehog breeders. You certainly did your part in getting people interested in owning hedgehogs as pets, and for that we thank you. But why couldn't you be brown, white or cotty? Seriously, we cannot naturally replicate a blue hedgehog!

But regardless, you've worked hard heading up the hedgehog craze. So kick back today and take a little break. Maybe you could spend a few of those gold coins and kick back with a non-alcoholic margarita or four!

And while we're at it, I'd like to send out props to Sega! Keep on creating those Sonic games and characters. From 1991 to 2991, we'll provide the real hedgehogs and you provide the virtual ones!

Sniff nostalgia!