All baby hedgehogs available for sale at Hamor Hollow are born and raised with love in our home in Pelham, New Hampshire.



All hedgehogs cost $260. We don’t charge extra based on gender, rare markings, or color. Price is non-negotiable. For additional information, please see our BABIES, PRICES, AND UPCOMING LITTERS page.


Hamor Hollow accepts PayPal, cash, money orders, or cashier's checks. We do not accept personal checks under any circumstances. Payment in full is expected before any hedgehog leaves Hamor Hollow.


We believe that when you purchase a hedgehog, you are making a long-term commitment to the animal that should be taken seriously. This is why we do not offer refunds.


For your safety, and for the safety of your new companion, no hedgehog will leave Hamor Hollow unless it’s transported in a secure carrier. The carrier must either latch or zip completely shut. For recommendations, please see the CARRIERS AND BONDING POUCHES section of our SUPPLIES page.

Velcro, snaps, ties, and buttons are not considered secure. Hedgies are quite persistent and can force their way out of a weak carrier with their snout!


Hamor Hollow hosts Open Houses almost every weekend! This provides a safe and comfortable environment to handle these unique critters and to see if they’re the right companion for you!

It is for this reason that we require that all prospective caregivers schedule a visitation or attend an Open House.



Hamor Hollow doesn’t advocate giving a live animal as a surprise gift! We request that the primary caregiver or recipient attend an Open House or be present to receive a lesson on proper care and handling when the hedgehog is picked up.


If at any time you are no longer able to care for your hedgehog, for whatever reason, we will accept the hedgehog back as a rescue. We will either care for it ourselves or place it with one of our vetted rescue volunteers. Since rescues aren’t offered for sale we cannot offer any financial compensation for this service.


To the best of our knowledge, we guarantee that we are selling you a healthy hedgehog and that the hedgehog will be free from congenital health problems or defects for up to three months.

If the hedgehog were to pass within three months of its date of sale, and you have a veterinary record of examination from within seven days from the date of purchase, we will gladly exchange the hedgehog. This requires a necropsy report by a licensed veterinarian.


A hedgehog will not develop its final color until five months of age due to quilling when the hedgie loses its baby quills and new quills fill in. Because of this natural process the final color of a hedgehog cannot be guaranteed.

We encourage you to keep an open mind and prioritize personality and temperament over color when choosing your new friend.

Hamor Hollow strives to have a variety of colors and markings available but exact colorations are not always available.