Hedgehog Toys

Hedgehogs are intelligent little critters that love to explore new things. They love different smells, shapes, textures, and sounds. In order to keep their caged life interesting, you will want to expose them to a variety of stimuli. There are plenty of fun toys you can pick up while you are at the pet store. Catnip mice (the felt ones, not the furry ones) are a big hit. Other cat toys like crinkle and jingle balls are also popular favorites. You can try some of the smaller ferret or bird toys as well. Since all hedgehogs will have different preferences, experiment with different toys until you find a few favorites.

The pet store isn't the only place where you can find toys. Anything that can be pushed or pulled can lead to hours of fun. Hedgehogs will play with all sorts of things, from a simple toilet paper tube to a child's small block stacker. If you look around your house, you will probably find many small toys that you, your children, or your younger siblings don't play with any more. A small stuffed animal may make a nice buddy for your hedgehog to cuddle.

Small baby toys can be great fun for hedgehogs. Sassy makes some smaller toys with flashy colors for under $4. You could try building blocks, balls, plastic figures, or even a small rattle. Fast food kid's meals can also be a cheap source for toys (look for the toddler or under 3 meals). You really never know what toy your hedgehog will pick as their favorite.

Use common sense when choosing toys for your pet. Never offer toys that have small parts that could be a choking hazard and remember to re-check toys often to be sure nothing has become lose or bent out of shape. Never offer a hedgehog anything toxic.

Hedgehogs love to explore. You can let them roam around free in a safe enclosed room, or in a giant run-a-bout ball. Most hedgehogs are very intelligent and will learn the layout of your house and navigate through it efficiently and quickly. Hedgehogs love to run and require a large (11"-15") solid surface exercise wheel.