Decal's Routine

Decal and I have a routine.  She started it, I deal with it, and it just works. Until she decided to switch things up a bit today....... This is how things go: Decal jumps out of her bin when she wakes up in the evening. She likes running around the floor, pooping in the corners, and making me crazy. Even more then that, she likes having some time away from her 4 week babies. Can you blame her? Those 4 cute little boys are cutting teeth! OUCH!  A mother needs to rest her.......legs...... once in awhile.

She knows I always feed the troops late at night; usually between 10pm and midnight. So, she runs around for awhile and when she hears me coming, she waits in the middle of the floor. I pick her up and return her to her cage and she goes into her hut to feeds the babies. That's how it works. She's done the same thing with past litters (I've since learned to put her cage on the bottom shelf), so it's a well established routine. It keeps her happy, and since she raises beautiful babies with incredible personalities, it's in my best interest to keep the Decal happy.

Today was cage cleaning day for all group and mommy cages. When I lifted up the hut in the cage next to Decal's, I found Skidplate and Decal. I'm not sure what she was thinking, but this was definietely not in the program. I can deal with her jumping cage in the evening, but I'm crying foul on the cage switching!

Its not the first time she's done this. When her last litter reached 4 weeks, I found her in another mother's cage. She had kicked the mom out of the hut and claimed the 2 younger babies for her own. Decal loves being a mom, but obviously she prefers her babies without teeth!