Jul 292007
Clipping Nails

Clipping your hedgehog’s nails may seem like a difficult and intimidating job, but once you know what to do and get in a little practice, you’ll see that it really isn’t that hard. Use whatever nail clippers you are most comfortable with. I use a small child’s finger nail clipper, but a small scissors or » Continue reading…

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Jul 242007
Bathing Your Hedgehog

Hedgehogs have naturally dry skin, so you do not want to bath them very often.  They may occasionally come across something new and smelly, and have the odd desire to spread it on their quills and get themselves rather messy.  This is called self anointing, and depending on what your hedgehog has found, this could » Continue reading…

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May 242007
Proper Hedgehog Cages

When it comes to hedgehog caging, bigger is better, but expensive isn’t always best. In fact, it’s best to start out with something cheap and easy to acquire, and then to upgrade once you have your pet and a better idea of what of he or she needs. The minimum space requirement for your cage » Continue reading…

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Oct 102006

Congratulations on your new baby! It is important to read the following information carefully and direct any questions towards your breeder. Cage Hedgehogs need a lot of exercise so their cage needs to be large enough to accommodate toys, solid surface wheel, food bowl, and water bottle. Space should also be made for a place » Continue reading…

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