How much does a hedgehog cost? What you need and total cost of ownership…

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Hints not to break the bank…


Special thanks to everyone who helped add to the list and calculate prices. Even I didn’t realize how expensive these fun little critters are!

Here are basic, yearly, and additional costs for purchasing and taking care of a hedgehog. Please use this as a guideline, as costs will vary. Veterinary rates in particular may vary the most from one clinic to another.

Remember that in choosing to become a caregiver to a hedgehog you are making a financial, emotional, and time commitment to a living being. If you are the parent of a child or teenager who wants a hedgehog, you also need to consider who will keep up with routine maintenance when/if they grow bored of the hedgie. Please consider this before committing to a hedgehog.

Basic costs ($284 to $634)

  • Hedgehog: $200 to $350 (hedgehogs from Hamor Hollow cost $260)

  • Carrier: $8 to $25

  • Enclosure: $15 to $150

  • Wheel (11″ minimum size): $10 to $35

  • Water bottle (small): $3 to $8

  • Food bowl (small/shallow): $3 to $6

  • Hut or hiding place (guinea pig size): $5 to $15

  • Heating pad: $25 to $30

  • Digital thermometer that clips to cage: $7

  • Nail clippers (child size): $3

  • Bag Balm (for dry ears): $5

Yearly costs ($218 to $417)

  • Sanitizing sipes (to clean enclosure and surfaces): $8 to $12

  • Food (one year): $50

  • Bedding (one year): $75 to $225
    Bedding costs take into consideration your choice of pine, aspen, Carefresh, wood pellets, or liners and laundry. Carefresh and washing liners are the most expensive.

  • Treats (one year): $20

  • Hedgehog bags: $10 to $50

  • Toys: $5 to $10

  • Vet (yearly wellness examination check-up): $50

Possible veterinary costs

Costs vary from clinic to clinic and are just estimates.

  • REVOLUTION® (selamectin) (mite treatment): $15

  • X-rays: $150

  • Sedation (for emergencies only — never for a yearly wellness examination check-up): $75

  • Ear smear: $20

  • Skin scraping (to check for mites): $10

  • Fecal float: $20

  • Baytril® (enrofloxacin) (antibacterial tablets): $60.00

  • CLAVAMOX (oral antibiotic): $40.00

  • Gentamicin sulfate (antibiotic eye drops): $20.00

  • Metacam (meloxicam) (anti-inflammatory NSAID): $30.00

Optional extras

  • Exercise ball (guinea pig size): $20

  • Play fence: $25

  • Incidentals: $50

Hints to keep your cost down

  • Check Craigslist, The Freecycle Network, or your local neighborhood Facebook Groups for used enclosures and equipment. Be sure all used equipment is in good shape with no rust, cracked plastic, or sharp edges. Clear plastic storage bins (with lids) make great enclosures once proper air holes and ventilation have been added!

  • Purchase bedding in larger bags and store the unused bedding in large Sterilite, Rubbermaid, or Really Useful Box storage totes with latched tops. A small bag of bedding from a pet store may cost just as much as a 30 Pound Bag from a tack shop or local farm supply.

  • Buy Food Mix from your breeder and freeze any portion you won’t use quickly. Unused food will start losing valuable nutrition after a few months and making your own Food Mix gets costly because you are buying numerous individual bags.

  • Be sure to take your hedgehog to the vet at the first sign of a problem, or at the very least a yearly wellness examination check-up. Catching a problem early can save a lot of time and money in the long run.

  • Making the initial investment to buy sturdier equipment, specifically the wheel and enclosure, will save you the cost of replacing worn and broken items down the line. See our Supplies page for recommendations!

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