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Yes, they do bite. How hard and how often will depend on the individual hedgehog and how well it is socialized, as well as how good you are at washing that yummy smell off your hands (be sure to use unscented soap). Most hedgehogs don’t bite or don’t bite often and the more you socialize your hedgie, generally the less it will bite. Basically there are 2 types of bites:

  1. The “you smell tasty” bite: This is usually, but not always, preceded by a few licks. If your hand smells like people food or hedgie food, there’s a chance you’ll get a nip.
  2. The “I’m unhappy” bite: Because hedgehogs can’t talk, they may use a nip or a bit as a form of communication. This could mean “put me back in my cage, I’m tired”, “quit holding me, I want to run”, “you woke me up and I’m upset”, or a million other things.

My babies are held on a daily basis once they reach ten days of age, so they are used to being held and enjoy it. If you continue to hold and play with your hedgie daily, your chances of getting bitten are slimmer. Most of the bites I’ve gotten were from pet store hedgehogs and rescues, but that’s not to say that your hedgie will never bite.

If he does bite, blowing in his face will discourage him from doing it again. Remember to wash your hands with unscented soap before you pick him up and that should cut down on your chances. You will get bitten at some point, but don’t be discouraged, because that’s just part of owning a pet.

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  1. hi thanks for the info… i want a hedgie but i just needed to know a few things….. do they bite hard? can they swim? do you give them bathes if so how? do there spikes poke you? and do they make good pets?
    my mom said i can get a hedgie if they dont bite hard and if they make good pets… please respond

  2. They dont bite hard if you dont annoy them, and shake them all about 😛
    Sounds like your REALLY lucky for being able to get one, They will make good pets because they
    dont need alot of things to make them happy, they (of course) do need cleaning, but once a week is about best, And im pretty sure that they can swim. I want one too, my mom’s still thinking about it though…. hah, i hope that this info helps you, and Im happy for you ! There spikes may poke you, but only if they feel they need to defend themselves.

  3. thanks this helps alot i want to buy one and know everything about them there sooooooooooooooo cute

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