Chippoke's London Adventure

Chippoke's London Adventure started at Terminal 5 of Manchester-Boston Regional Airport. He was a bit confused though because there was no plane in sight and the terminal was empty. No matter...there was still plenty of time to find a backpack to hop into!

Silly ground crew parking at the wrong terminal! Chippoke decided to let this mistake slide. After all, Chicago promised bunnies, and bunnies make everything better!

How odd. Suddenly a little girl driving a tiny Mustang drifted through the terminal. The adults didn't seem to notice...

A short ride in an Embraer ERJ 145 Amazon put Chippoke at O'Hare International Airport. But what a gyp! After riding the moving walkway from one side of the airport to the other there was not a single bunny to be had!

Bonus! Chippoke skips ahead in the Red Carpet line since United Premiere members were called to board early.

There's not much to do on an eight hour flight across the pond stuck in a Boeing 747-400. At least Chippoke had an iPhone to keep himself amused.

Arriving at Paddington Underground Station in style! The Heathrow Express is the only way to travel to Central London. Hedgehogs tend to get trampled on the Tube and taxis don't accept mealworms as payment.

Chippoke takes a break at the John Everett Millais statue at Tate Britian. It's a long walk from Pimlico Underground Station to The Mint Hotel!

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Finally at the hotel! Chippoke pops out of his new preferred method of transportation, a Lowepro Fastpack 350! There are plenty of nooks and crannies for a jetlagged hedgehog to fall asleep in!

Chippoke unpacks and prepares for the long week ahead! You never know what a hedgehog will need in London...especially with all those pesky foxes around!

Chippoke recommends the Airport Express when traveling! In-room wired Ethernet is usually free even if the hotel charges for plugging in your own Wi-Fi access point saves money and sticks it to the man!

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At the end of a long day of traveling Chippoke turns in for the evening and does what hedgehogs do best!

On the way back to the Tube Chippoke finds some cool graffiti in Pimlico Underground Station! She looks kind of cute in a punky sort of way!

After a long week in London doing hedgehog things Chippoke camps out in Economy Plus inside his Lowepro Fastpack 350 for the nine hour puddle jump back across the pond.

The icing on the cake to Chippoke's London Adventure was getting to visit the cockpit of the Embraer ERJ 145 Amazon after landing back at Manchester-Boston Regional Airport! It's amazing what a little sweet talking can get you!

Stay tuned for more Chippoke Adventures!

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