Timothy Dalton to Voice Hedgehog in Toy Story 3

Timothy Dalton joins Toy Story 3(UKPA) – 5 hours ago

Timothy Dalton is joining the cast of Toy Story 3 - as a thespian hedgehog called Mr Pricklepants.

The news was announced by Disney/Pixar chief creative officer John Lasseter at an exclusive showcase in London.

Former 007 Dalton will voice the lederhosen-wearing hedgehog, who joins regulars in Andy's toybox Woody (Tom Hanks) and Buzz Lightyear (Tim Allen).

The new 3D adventure, released next summer, picks up with the toys as Andy prepares to leave home for college.

A sneak preview showed all the toys except Woody being bundled into a garbage truck in a black plastic sack - and Buzz speaking Spanish after a re-boot goes wrong. Michael Keaton will also be joining the cast as Barbie's other half, Ken.

Lasseter also announced that American Dreamz actress Mandy Moore will be voicing Disney's latest princess character Rapunzel.

In Disney's action-packed version of the tale, which opens next year, the feisty blonde in the tower has 70 feet of hair, which she uses as a whip and other weapons.

Also on Disney/Pixar's upcoming slate is the sequel to Owen Wilson vehicle Cars, which sees Lightning McQueen join races around the world, while his best friend Mater gets caught up in a spy game after rescuing a British secret agent.

Winnie The Pooh is being brought to life again on the big screen, more than 35 years since his first Disney incarnation.

Pixar's first 3D fairytale, The Bear And The Bow, is set in 10th Century Scotland and will star Billy Connolly, Emma Thompson and Reese Witherspoon as members of a fiery royal family.

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