Happy 4th of July (A Near Death Experience)

Hopefully everyone had a great 4th of July. We had a very interesting day. We went over to our friend Val's house because her neighbor claimed he sets off a lot of big fireworks every year. Well, he does. They start in the early afternoon and go at random intervals throughout the day. I can't say that I really understand why someone would pay good money for obviously expensive fireworks and then set them off while it is still light out. Maybe they like loud booms and fire? Maybe it's the thrills they got from aiming them at each other? Or maybe it's a glimmer of hope that they might catch something on fire? I don't know. I don't get it. Fireworks at night, I totally get that. But during the day?

The fireworks became more interesting as the party got progressively louder and drunker. By dusk the kids at our little gathering had (thankfully) gone to bed.  Most of the kids from the neighbors party had gone home, taking the remaining sane people with them. At the point, the neighbors decided to declare war on Val's house. We ran inside after one firework (a rather large one) almost took the 4 of us out (seriously, several balls of fire came about 2 inches short of hitting us all the way down at the lower middle end of Val's property).

We watched through the windows as the drunken neighbors proceeded to shoot the large tubes of fiery death at each other. The phrase "Water, we need water now!" was clearly heard through the chaos and it seemed to calm the troops a bit.

Around 10:30 they actually shot some fireworks into the sky. They were impressive and NOT worthy of they kind of fireworks usually set off by a small town. For the most part, they went up straight (We cowered by the door just in case).

It was obvious that the neighbors spent a good bit of time and money acquiring their fireworks. I was happy to leave the party with limbs intact and no burn marks. Would I chance my brush with death again? Heck ya! I love fire and there's a chance they may actually succeed in setting one next year!

Hope your 4th was safer then mine!