Bad News All Around

Well, Caviar Dreams killed off 2 of her babies and I found a third one dead.  The remaining 3 have been fostered to Hio. Caviar will retire and go live with Alison. Now Alison can have Champagne Wishes AND Caviar dreams. I'm sure she was feeling incomplete before (Champagne Wishes went to live with Alison last week for the same reason). In yet another blow, I lost the little girl that had the prolapse. She was a half sister to Caviar Dreams and both were daughters to Tobiko, who we lost a few weeks back. Roe, the remaining sister, will stay at Hamor Hollow to continue the line. We are also hoping to keep one of the Caviar boys once Hio works her fostering Magick.

I also got this email from Rebbecca regarding Princess Sophie:

"I'm sorry to say that the antibiotics did not work. I took her back to the vet this morning and he anesthetized her and did a thorough exam of her mouth. He found that is was a large tumor, extending way back into her jaw and into the bone on both sides. He said it wasn't something that could be removed, and that it would be a matter of weeks at the most before it became painful and stopped her from being able to eat and recommended that she be put to sleep while she was still under so that it would be stress free and painless, so that's what I did. I just wanted to let you know.


I am extremely sorry for Rebecca's loss, but I think she made a wise and selfless decision. Princess Sophie will be missed.