Vacation Time

About once every other month I take weekend trips (Friday afternoon - Sunday afternoon). If I can't take my hedgehog, is it ok to leave his feeding in the care of a roommate? He would probably get human stimulation right before I left, once while I was gone, and of course as soon as I returned. Most hedgehogs travel well, but there are a few who get mild motion sickness from riding in the car. They also adapt to new situations quickly and may enjoy a change of scenery. Be sure to bring along a toy or blanket that smells like home, as well as a secure carrier or cage that is large enough for the hedgehog to have space to roam. Be sure the cage is compleately secure, having your hedgehog go AWOL is sure to ruin any vacation.

If you choose to leave your hedgehog in the care of a friend, give them my email info and let them know that they can email me with any questions. I recommend adding an extra water bottle to the cage and be sure that hedgie has plenty of food and extra bedding. Also, it is a good idea to go ove basic handling and care with your pet sitter as well as leaving them with a copy of The Hedgehog Primer.