How much should I handle my new hedgie?

How much should I handle my new hedgie the first couple days? I've read conflicting things about this! I've read that you should leave them alone, and I've also read that you should handle them if they aren't too stressed.

I think it's best to make things as normal as possible right from the start. No sense in starting one routine just to change it in a day or two. So handle your hedgehog as often as you want to. Remember that babies need to sleep, and it is fine if your hedgie wants to sleep on you. Handling your hedgehog will help her get used to your scent and become friendly. Remember that your hedgehog will want some quiet time too.

I've brought numerous hedgehogs into my house, and send even more out. Hedgehogs are incredibly adaptable, so there really isn't a need to tip toe around them. You'll probably see a little green poop for the first few days, but generally that's it.