Who Has Sharper Quills?

I have a male and female hedgehog, the male hedgehog's quills are really sharp, and the female hedgehog's quills are not really sharp. Do males have sharper quills? All hedgehog quills are essentially the same, but how sharp they feel depends on how they hold their quills. Hedgehogs have an extremely complex muscular system that allows them to manipulate their quills at will. So when the hedgehog is very relaxed, the quills will feel similar to a bristle brush, but if the hedgehog is nervous or agitated, they will hold their quills up and crossed so that they feel very sharp.

There is a little test you can do to find out if one hedgehog's quills are truly sharper then the other:

First you will need to go to the craft store and get a brick of either floral foam or styrofoam. Then collect a few quills from each hedgehog and stick them in the foam (base down, tip in the air). Stick the quills in 2 groups (one for each hedgehog), roughly 30 cm apart. You'll also need a hand mirror, a damp wash cloth, and a large bandaid. Now, place the foam on the floor with the quills pointing up. Take off one shoe and sock, stand up, lift your bare foot directly above the foam, and stomp down as hard as you can! Sit on the floor, and regain your composure. Use the damp cloth to wipe the blood off of your foot (and the surrounding floor). Once your foot has stopped gushing blood, pick up the mirror and admire your wounds. Whichever quills made the deeper gashes are from the sharper hedgehog (you may want to have tweezers handy in case your hedgehog quills need a little help coming out).  [I'm joking, please do not try this at home!]