Proper Hedgehog Cages

When it comes to hedgehog caging, bigger is better, but expensive isn't always best. In fact, it's best to start out with something cheap and easy to acquire, and then to upgrade once you have your pet and a better idea of what of he or she needs.

  • The minimum space requirement for your cage is 2 square feet. You need to be able to fit a solid surface wheel that is at least 11", a water bottle, food bowl, hiding place, toys, and still have room for the hedgehog to move and play.

  • Cages with plastic bases are best. Since plastic is a non-porous surface, you can use a clorox wipe or a bleach and water solution to clean and sanitize. Wooden floored cages should never be used because feces and urine will get into the wood and cannot be cleaned. Metal floored cages will corrode quickly when exposed to waste and create a rust spot that is dangerous to your hedgehog's feet.

  • Hedgehogs are excellent escaper's, so you want a cage that closes completely or one that has a top.

  • Cages should protect the hedgehog from drafts, while allowing good ventilation.

  • Use a sturdy cage stand or elevate your cage off the floor.

  • Single level cages are best. For your hedgehog's safety, avoid ramps or ledges. Most hedgehogs prefer a single level.

  • Consider cages with a wide top opening for easy access for cleaning and wheel removal.

Examples of Proper Cages

The Marchioro Cage

Marchioro Cage
Marchioro Cage

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The Marchioro cage is our favorite of all the cages of similar style. It has a top with a large opening so you can easily get your hedgehog's hut and wheel in and out of the cage. The top also makes it easy to scoop out the beddingfor cleaning, although the bars detach easily from the base as well. The Marchioro has a smaller side door in the front to make it easy to access your pet at playtime.

Price: $50 - $140 depending on size

The Sterlite Storage Container

Sterlite Cage
Sterlite Cage

The Sterlite is the economical hedgehog owner's answer to caging. It's cheap, durable, lightweight, and available at your local Walmart. Start with one that is at least 90qts, and use a drill or a soldering iron to put air holes in the top and the sides. Keep the holes nickel size or smaller so you don't have to worry about your hedgehog getting suck while attempting to escape. More holes will create better circulation and stop ammonia from building up.