Thugs Play Football with Baby Hedgehog

Every once in awhile, another story like this one comes through the news wire. People can be evil and cruel sometimes. Someone needs to beat this gang of teenagers and then go and beat their parents for raising kids with no moral values! --------

From The Press

Thugs play football with baby hedgehog By Matthew Woodcock A GANG of young thugs who brutally attacked two men on York's Millennium Bridge had earlier "played football" with a baby hedgehog, it was claimed today.

Horrified onlooker Andy Reid, who lives off Walmgate, contacted The Press to reveal the full extent of the group's night of shameful violence.

The 44-year-old was walking past the bridge about 20 minutes before the assaults when he spotted about ten teenagers gathered at the Fulford end of the structure.

"I saw them kicking something around on the floor," he said. "When I got a bit closer, I realised it was a baby hedgehog. I asked them what the hell they were doing and they told me to **** off'. I was absolutely disgusted that they could do something like that."

Mr Reid said he walked into the middle of the gang to pick up the hedgehog and a boy of about 13 or 14, who was wearing a black hood, punched him in the back.

"I told them what I thought of them and walked away with the hedgehog," he said. "I placed him gently in a bush round the corner, so he couldn't be found. Thankfully, it was still alive."


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Some people really don't deserve air!