More reorganization

I picked up more hedgehog bins (I use steralite bins as cages) at the store the other day, so I spent some time preparing them and getting them ready for my pregnant moms. First, I take a soldering iron and burn 2 holes for water bottles. My water bottles hang on the outside of the cage, and the nozzle goes through the hole for the hedgehog to drink from. Generally, this makes it a little harder for the kids to knock off their water bottles. Then I take the stickers off the outside, fill them with shavings. add the huts, and attach the water bottles. The mother cages are smaller then my normal cages. My hope is to keep the mothers closer to their babies. Once the babies open their eyes and start becoming mobile, I will move the moms and litters into larger cages.

The moms are safely in their bins, so now we wait for babies. Everyone has a few days to get comfortable before litters are due.