I was wondering what kind of bedding you use so that I can keep my hedgehog in a similar environment. I use kiln dried pine. Most pine is kiln dried, and unfortunately it doesn't always state it on the bag. You will want to look for pine with a low oder and no colors of fragrances added.

There are many other types of bedding available, and I like to encourage people to try a few and use whatever works best for them. Aspen, Carefresh (recycled cardboard), Yesterday's news (recycled newspaper pellets), rabbit food (pellets), and cloth liners are popular favorites. Never use any type of kitty litter, clumping or non-clumping, as the hedgehog may eat it and get it lodged in its stomach. Corn cob bedding is another one that we recommend staying away from as it can be rough on the hedgehog's feet and it can also get stuck in the penile shaft and cause abrasions.