We Need More Printer Cartridges

Many thanks go out to Vicki McLean who was instrumental in obtaining 501(c)3 status for the Hedgehog Welfare Society. This status not only makes donations to the HWS tax-deductible, but it has also given the group many perks, such as a program where they get donations for empty inkjet printer cartridges! So far, the HWS has reached their first goal of 50 cartridges, and they just sent off the box for their $100 donation! In HWS terms, that will mean two contributions to veterinary bills that they are able to make, or two speakers fees for seminars, thanks to everyone who has already sent in cartridges!

Keep them coming! The HWS will continue to get $2.00 for all empty inkjet printer cartridges. You can send cartridges to:

Donnasue Graesser 76 Timber Lane Willington, CT 06279

If you are planning on visiting Hamor Hollow, or will be hosting an event which Hamor Hollow will be attending, feel free to bring along your used inkjet printer cartridges for us to pass on to the HWS.