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Yawning Baby Pascal

Yawning Baby Pascal

Hamor Hollow Hedgehogs is a USDA-licensed small-scale breeder and rescue operation located in Pelham, NH. We’re a member of the Committed Hedgehog Breeders Association and also contribute to the Hedgehog World Web site as part of their founding administrative team. Our current herd includes many breeding females and males, as well as several retired and rescue hedgehogs.

As a husband and wife team with twenty-two years of experience with hedgehogs, we fell in love with breeding after experiencing an unplanned litter in early 2003. After spending a majority of the year slowly renovating a room for the prospective hoggery and applying for a USDA breeding license, we finally received our official paperwork in January of 2004.

We also pride ourselves on maintaining the largest pet hedgehog photo gallery on the Web (if you find a larger one, please let us know)! Feel free to check out our facility, watch the babies grow up, see our herd and extended family, and see the events we’ve attended.

The fox knows many things, but the hedgehog knows one big thing. – Archilophus

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