Jun 242009

Since the weather has been so awful lately, the hedgie and I have decided to stay inside and take up a new hobby. And what did we choose? Well, we’ve decided to start Twttering. So jump on over to http://twitter.com/HamorHollow/ and start following our shenanigans!

Remember that the hedgies are nouctournal, so some litter or health announcements may come though at night. I will do my best to keep it reasonable, and also to keep the hedgies away from the keyboard.

It is possible that regular Twittering may help me to remember to update the Hedgamablog, so check there for some amusing and potentially helpfull musings of one insane hedgehog breeder.

So far, I’ve learned that I can be a bit wordy and need to really cut to the chase for Twittering.We’ll see how it goes…..

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