Jun 072007

Can you give me a list of supplies that I need to get for my hedgehog?

  • Cage – At least 2 square feet, with a solid PLASTIC bottom. Stay away from metal cages because they rust.
  • Water bottle -with a holder that can hang on the side of the container.
  • Food dish – something heavy that he can’t dump is best, but anything works.
  • Bedding – Kiln dried pine, aspen, or Carefresh are all good options. Avoin ceder, cat litter, and corn cob as all are potentially harmfull.
  • Wheel – either a large Comfort Wheel or Silent Spinner available at most pet stores or an 11″ from Quailty Cage.
  • Toys – Any type of small cat or ferret toys like little balls with bells, toilet paper tubes.
  • Food – You can purchase our mix or make your own by mixing at least 3 different cat foods.
  • Treats – meal worms, wax worms, crickets, baby foods, wet cat food
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