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My hedgehog always poops in his wheel and it is difficult to clean. If I can’t train him not to do this I am going to have to remove the wheel.

When your hedgehog becomes active, his system becomes active as well and he will poop wherever he is at the time. Many times this happens in the wheel and cleaning it is just part of being a hedgehog owner. Soak the wheel in hot soapy water in your sink or tub for 15 minutes and then scrub it with a scrub brush. Please don’t remove the wheel as it is the only method of exercise your hedgehog has.

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  1. We have had the same problem with a nice poopie wheel each morning to go along with the boots. We have found that the press N seal wrap helps with this but there are some precautions to think about.

    the first couple time you put it on it takes some patience make sure that it is on the running surface with little to no folds or bumps also that it has no gaps or rips where they could get there toes and feet caught.

    No loose pieces that the hedgie could chew on. the first time you put the wheel with the plastic in to the cage watch to see how your hedgie discovers the wrap if he starts biting or chewing his wheel you might want to take the wrap out asap. also it doesn’t hurt to watch how he reacts to running on the new surface if he doesn’t like it he might start biting and chewing it.

    now all that said this is not a solution or sobstitution for cleaning the wheel. it does help out when there is only a nugget or two left in the wheel. just take off the old wrap and rewrap cleanwith soap and water at least once or twice a week and as needed. I’ ve had some mornings when i come down were thier was a huge mess and had to clean the whole wheel and some mornings where it looks the way i left it the night before.

    just remeber take your time on putting it on and to make sure the hedgie doesn’t try to eat it.

    Good Luck
    J. Lukas and Weeble

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