Nov 172012
Hamor Hollow is giving back to the community. Food donations.

Just a reminder for anyone who needs hedgehog food or wants to help out. We practice what we preach and encourage everyone else to do so.

Hamor Hollow is giving back to the community. $10 from every bag of food we sell between Sunday 11-Nov and Thu 22-Nov will go to buy meals from Hannaford to be delivered to local homeless shelters. Each box is $10, so each bag of food buys 1 box. Food available for pick-up or order from our website. We can only mail food within the US. Our goal is 30 boxes.

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Nov 112012

Open House (11/11/2012)

Open House (11/11/2012)

Another completely packed open house taking up almost the entire living room! This time was just a look-and-learn. No babies were available to go home so everyone got to play with retired mommy hediges or mommies-to-be! Photos are available on Facebook for tagging or check out the photos in their original gallery to buy prints!

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Oct 132012
  • Hedgehog Fest is today!! You can still sign your hedgehogs up fro the show, just see me when you get here…. #
  • The costume contest starts at 10:15 and Grand Ghost right after that. If you have a hedgehog that is 3ysr or… #
  • If there are less then 4 enteries in a class, we may combine it with another color class in the same sex/age… #
  • You can still enter when you get here but make sure you get here with plenty of time to spare. I am at hedgehog… #
  • Thank you Carolina storm hedgehogs and Larry T.for donating a real wheel to the school raffle. thank you very… #
  • Kelly has a migraine, so all hedgehog activities are cancelled for the rest of the day. Post Hedgehog Fest… #
  • Jaimie made an awesome video during the Costume Contest! And photos coming soon, we promise! #
  • Check your hedgehogs and make sure they are warm enough, it is bone chillingly cold and damp outside! #
  • Food did not get mailed out today. My apologies, I am still experiencing my post-Fest hangover. #