By putting time and effort into filling out our questionnaire, you are demonstrating that you have a sincere interest in caring for one of our hedgehogs as a pet in your own home. At Hamor Hollow Hedgehogs we look for motivated owners who are willing to spend some time researching hedgehogs before attempting to buy one. There are 3 very basic care questions that you need to answer in order for us to consider you as a potential owner (cage, food, and veterinarian). Although we encourage you to do more research than just the very basics, we are more than happy to help continue your education in person in order to make you the best hedgehog owner you can possibly be.

If you are not willing to fill out all of the answers to our questionnaire, your questionnaire will be rejected and you will not receive a reply. We are looking for you to do some very basic research. We realize that there is a lot of misinformation on the Internet and we want to assure you that your questionnaire will not be rejected for incorrect answers, as long as we see that you have tried and attempted to answer in the best interest of caring for one of our hedgehogs.

You will be required to buy a specific heating pad before purchasing a hedgehog from us. This is in the best interest of your hedgehog and will help it to lead a longer and happier life. If your hedgehog is warm and happy, you will be happy with your hedgehog. If you are happy with your hedgehog, you will want to play with it more. If you play with it more, it will get friendlier and more social and you will enjoy each other’s company for a long time.

Double check that your email address and phone number is correct because, if it isn’t, we won’t be able to email you to set up an appointment or call if we need to reschedule. We will not share your questionnaire information with anyone.

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Will your hedgie be a family pet, a classroom pet, a show animal, or a breeding quality animal?

Do you ever plan on breeding your hedgie?

Will you be willing to trim their nails and bathe as needed?

Are you willing to care for the hedgehog throughout its entire lifespan, regardless of vet bills or difficulties?

Do you currently, or have you ever, owned a hedgehog? If yes, then what sex is it, is it currently living with you, or what was its cause of death?

What will your hedgie live in? Give a full description including dimensions and toys. Will you provide a wheel for exercise? What other exercise will you give your hedgie?

What will you feed your hedgie (please give specific brands)?

How often do you plan on cleaning the cage?

What will you do for veterinary care? Do you have a local vet that sees exotics? If so, please provide the name of doctor and telephone number.

Who is the hedgie going to be a pet for? You or a child? If for a child, please indicate age(s).

What other pets do you own?

Will you allow your pets to interact with each other?

Will you allow your hedgie to roam around the house?

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