Oct 132012
  • Hedgehog Fest is today!! You can still sign your hedgehogs up fro the show, just see me when you get here…. http://t.co/X9Zr6vdp #
  • The costume contest starts at 10:15 and Grand Ghost right after that. If you have a hedgehog that is 3ysr or… http://t.co/NCmCQzGa #
  • If there are less then 4 enteries in a class, we may combine it with another color class in the same sex/age… http://t.co/6KwY8G36 #
  • You can still enter when you get here but make sure you get here with plenty of time to spare. I am at hedgehog… http://t.co/tdRzthOG #
  • Thank you Carolina storm hedgehogs and Larry T.for donating a real wheel to the school raffle. thank you very… http://t.co/88F1pF5V #
  • Kelly has a migraine, so all hedgehog activities are cancelled for the rest of the day. Post Hedgehog Fest… http://t.co/yuC3Mr0F #
  • Jaimie made an awesome video during the Costume Contest! And photos coming soon, we promise! http://t.co/rAHpKX4y #
  • Check your hedgehogs and make sure they are warm enough, it is bone chillingly cold and damp outside! #
  • Food did not get mailed out today. My apologies, I am still experiencing my post-Fest hangover. #
Oct 062012
  • Who's coming to Hedgehog Fest? Email me for your free entry into conformation class. I also wouldn't mind having… http://t.co/aYmn7KcQ #
  • I just finished augmenting the awards for the Hedgehog Games. There are 4 games and awards for 1-6 in each game…. http://t.co/OZVFzxrT #
  • I returned 'Runaway' to her cage twice today. Once this afternoon and once tonight. It's interesting that she jumps cage day or night. #
  • I was working on the class level ribbons for the conformation class. Almost done, but it is time for a break. I… http://t.co/apUCmqtG #
  • Email me for FREE entry for conformation class at Hedgehog Fest. http://t.co/5TcrX6JD http://t.co/D1lh3JnI #
  • Tonight we are going to play 'Guess where Runaway is'. Enter your guesses with as much detail as possible. The… http://t.co/8xNodFXV #
  • Cat Uses Hedgehog as a Brush http://t.co/weaQjmjo #
  • Under Quill-i-m's cage. #
  • If you need food, order it today. I will be sending the orders out on Thursday this week. I will also have food… http://t.co/ftXJbaRC #
  • If you need food, order it today. I will be sending the orders out on Thursday this week. I will also have food… http://t.co/vfREILkD #
  • You do not need to have a hedgehog to attend Hedgehog Fest. It is a fun and inexpensive way to entertain the kids… http://t.co/sM3bucJj #
  • Please bring your hedgehog to Hedgehog Fest in a small carrier. We do not have enough room for cage set-ups or… http://t.co/Z9KknFjD #
  • Hey everyone, send me your last minute hedgehog entries. I need name, sex, age (over or under 6mo), and color… http://t.co/mm8x0ykH #
  • Please bring your hedgehogs to Hedgehog Fest in small carriers. NO CAGE SET-UPS! You will be asked to leave them… http://t.co/r5lREM8V #
  • We are set up and ready for hedgehog fest tomorrow. Doors open at 9:45. Show starts at 10:15. #
  • Hedgehog Fest Hedgehog Fest Hedgehog Fest! #
  • Bathe, trim nails, and bag balm your hedgie's ears so the look nice for the show. #
  • You can still enter you hedgehogs for Fest. Post here or see me when you get to Hedgehog Fest and I will tell you… http://t.co/iiT75JZq #
Sep 292012
  • http://t.co/1umsS0Lf #
  • I just pulled 'Runaway' out of her blanket on the floor so she can be part of today's open house. #
  • The weather is getting cold and power outages are inevitable, keep some 'Hot Hands' on hand so your hedgie can… http://t.co/xUGbsmmY #
  • Hedgehogs need a SINGLE LEVEL cage with a minimum of 2 square feet of running space. I don't know how many times/… http://t.co/D4TzV54R #
  • If you need hedgehog food, order it by midnight and I will ship it out on Monday. #
  • Make sure your hedgehog has a heating pad or a ceramic heat emitter. It's getting cold, and I am starting to get… http://t.co/Gx5Ft08z #
  • I just moved some moms into their birthing cages. Keep your fingers crossed for babies! #
  • Those re-useable gel filled heating pads that you see in Sams club and at the mall are NOT hedgehog safe. Do I… http://t.co/UlfRfNPu #
  • I got a surprise when I went to retrieve 'Runaway' tonight. 'Bakura' and one of her babies were hiding in the… http://t.co/0LMdUWzg #
  • Hedgehog Fest is coming up on Oct 6th in Walpole, MA. We hope you can join us for a day of hedgehog fun. we have… http://t.co/E8OWcwdk #
  • Join up if you plan to attend Hedgehog Fest so I know how many candy bags and awards we need. Remember: it is a… http://t.co/y71caVm3 #
  • I love this little guy! Maybe I can convince mom to make me a quilt?… http://t.co/AS57hlDr #
  • For the first night in weeks, 'Runaway' was actually in her cage at feeding time last night. I sure hope she is feeling ok! #
  • The UPS lady and I just scared the sh17 out of each other. She knocked on the back door and didn't see me by the… http://t.co/zlcnj0Sr #
  • I fed the hedgies late last night. The lights were already off in the hedgehog room and 'Runaway' was already out running on the floor. #
Sep 222012
  • I'm running the Warrior Dash today so I won't be available. If anyone else is running at Gunstock, NH today,
    I'm… http://t.co/41YSZsQ2 #
  • Jackicote14: I tried to reply to your email and it bounced. Can you email [email protected] from your email account? #
  • I am up to date on all my current emails. If you haven't gotten a reply from me: 1. Check your spam 2. I never… http://t.co/cGLLcmPt #
  • Today we put together the kid's bags for costume contest and now we are getting together some nice prizes to… http://t.co/KuD89kJ2 #
  • I took a break from planning our Halloween show to sign up for my annual Christmas tree donation to the Methuen… http://t.co/5VvjyIi9 #
  • Photos have been added to our Hedgehog Games' page for Hedgehog Fest. Go check out the fun!… http://t.co/l2NYRDyt #
  • Well, 'Runaway' was on the floor again at feeding time. She always comes over to me when she hears me feeding and… http://t.co/JtB4CPzd #
  • I just mixed up and bagged some new HH mix and put it out for anyone planning to pick up food this weekend. There… http://t.co/jOm8gCAS #
  • Will will be having an open house on Sunday from 11-1. If interested, you must fill out our questionnaire and you… http://t.co/z4NLgCZS #
  • 'Runaway' isn't in her cage again. I haven't done tonight's feeding, so she is still hiding. #
Sep 152012
  • Working on candy bags and prizes for Hedgehog Fest. I won't be available until tomorrow. http://t.co/0HFpohxr http://t.co/QhJhtgnw #
  • If we had an award for 'Silly Hedgehog Tricks', would you participate? The trick could be anything from you… http://t.co/4UpneSHi #
  • If you need hedgehog food, get your order in by midnight. I will be printing up the mailing labels tonight and shipping out tomorrow. #
  • Do I have any strong local hedgehog friends out there that can help me move a chicken house off a trailer on… http://t.co/4ikBvm9z #
  • Chamborge had at least 3 babies in the past 2 hours. They are so fresh that they don't have quills yet. Quill-I-M- is dad. #
Sep 082012
  • Keep a cup of our hedgehog mix stored in your freezer; It will stay good for the life of your hedgehog. Use it as… http://t.co/w18UEhPO #
  • http://t.co/Cni0I2t6 #
  • We are in the middle of updating http://t.co/0HFpohxr for this year's show. #
  • It got chilly here last night. Check on your hedgehog's heat source and make sure its working. If it does not… http://t.co/dmAMaQGw #
  • Watermelon bucket wheels $19.99 while supplies last! I haven't tried Larry's bucket style wheels yet, but I will… http://t.co/CKmBlBA8 #
  • I should have read the fine print! http://t.co/fcNv9TeR #
  • Flag on the play! The school had an important event come up and we got bumped. We are working hard to find a new… http://t.co/7kYtZHCI #
  • Does anyone here work at or manage a Dunkin Donuts? I am desperately trying to buy a bottle of the 'Pumpkin Spice… http://t.co/8E7qr1jQ #
  • We have a new date: Hedgehog Fest will be on Oct 6th, same time, same place. My apologies for the late change;… http://t.co/64XrZv0J #
  • It's time to clean the moms and babies. I did the boys and the group cages yesterday. No rest for the weary! #
Sep 012012
  • I just mixed up a fresh batch of food and I will be mailing it out on Wednesday. If you need foor, order by midnight tonight. #
  • The Ribbon Order is all set for Hedgehog Fest. I am very excited to get them, we are using bright Neon colors for Halloween! #
  • @tiggergecko Hedgehog Fest is Oct 13th at Norfolk Aggie in Walpole, Ma in reply to tiggergecko #
  • I just found myself walking sleepily down the hall moaning "It's time to feed the hedgehogs." #RetroDunkinDonutsCommercials #
Aug 252012
  • I'm updating my care sheet. Are there any questions that I should cover that aren't already answered? #
  • Niles Eclectus (re-tweet)
    Just a friendly reminder to people about vet bills. This past week I have had one rat… http://t.co/Um0ytNR2 #
  • I had 2 people not show up to the open house this weekend that were going to buy hedgehogs. So if you are ready… http://t.co/pA30aM64 #
  • I'm working on the ribbons for Hedgehog Fest 2012. It's going to be on Sat Oct. 13th. Mark your calendars; we hope to see you there! #
  • I got a surprise visit by my USDA inspector just now. We passed, of course. I am glad I was home! #
  • We booked our room for Hedgehog Fest here:… http://t.co/nglajjb6 #
  • Looking for ideas for fun contests for Hedgehog Fest, for example, a meal worm eating contest, oldest hedgehog, etc. #
  • What is the most important thing you think someone needs to know about owning a hedgehog? I am updating my care… http://t.co/KlfsGkpo #