Do Hedgehogs carry salmonella?

I've heard that hedgehogs are natural carriers of salmonella . Is this true and can my hedgehog make me sick? This is false, and we really wish people would stop spreading this mis-information. Hedgehogs do not naturally carriy salmanella like repitles do. It is possible for a hedgehog to catch salmonella (as can humans and most other animals) from an outside source, such as raw meat or the hedgehog's owner having contact with a reptile and not washing their hands. An infected hedgehog can potentially spread salmonella to anyone who has contact with it, and it needs to be treated immediately. Typical treatment would include antibiotics twice daily for 14 days.

In early 2006, Hamor Hollow tested our herd, and we are proud to say that our cultures all tested negative for salmonella.