Sep 292012
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  • I just pulled 'Runaway' out of her blanket on the floor so she can be part of today's open house. #
  • The weather is getting cold and power outages are inevitable, keep some 'Hot Hands' on hand so your hedgie can… #
  • Hedgehogs need a SINGLE LEVEL cage with a minimum of 2 square feet of running space. I don't know how many times/… #
  • If you need hedgehog food, order it by midnight and I will ship it out on Monday. #
  • Make sure your hedgehog has a heating pad or a ceramic heat emitter. It's getting cold, and I am starting to get… #
  • I just moved some moms into their birthing cages. Keep your fingers crossed for babies! #
  • Those re-useable gel filled heating pads that you see in Sams club and at the mall are NOT hedgehog safe. Do I… #
  • I got a surprise when I went to retrieve 'Runaway' tonight. 'Bakura' and one of her babies were hiding in the… #
  • Hedgehog Fest is coming up on Oct 6th in Walpole, MA. We hope you can join us for a day of hedgehog fun. we have… #
  • Join up if you plan to attend Hedgehog Fest so I know how many candy bags and awards we need. Remember: it is a… #
  • I love this little guy! Maybe I can convince mom to make me a quilt?… #
  • For the first night in weeks, 'Runaway' was actually in her cage at feeding time last night. I sure hope she is feeling ok! #
  • The UPS lady and I just scared the sh17 out of each other. She knocked on the back door and didn't see me by the… #
  • I fed the hedgies late last night. The lights were already off in the hedgehog room and 'Runaway' was already out running on the floor. #

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