Sep 222012
  • I'm running the Warrior Dash today so I won't be available. If anyone else is running at Gunstock, NH today,
    I'm… #
  • Jackicote14: I tried to reply to your email and it bounced. Can you email [email protected] from your email account? #
  • I am up to date on all my current emails. If you haven't gotten a reply from me: 1. Check your spam 2. I never… #
  • Today we put together the kid's bags for costume contest and now we are getting together some nice prizes to… #
  • I took a break from planning our Halloween show to sign up for my annual Christmas tree donation to the Methuen… #
  • Photos have been added to our Hedgehog Games' page for Hedgehog Fest. Go check out the fun!… #
  • Well, 'Runaway' was on the floor again at feeding time. She always comes over to me when she hears me feeding and… #
  • I just mixed up and bagged some new HH mix and put it out for anyone planning to pick up food this weekend. There… #
  • Will will be having an open house on Sunday from 11-1. If interested, you must fill out our questionnaire and you… #
  • 'Runaway' isn't in her cage again. I haven't done tonight's feeding, so she is still hiding. #

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