Sep 082012
  • Keep a cup of our hedgehog mix stored in your freezer; It will stay good for the life of your hedgehog. Use it as… #
  • #
  • We are in the middle of updating for this year's show. #
  • It got chilly here last night. Check on your hedgehog's heat source and make sure its working. If it does not… #
  • Watermelon bucket wheels $19.99 while supplies last! I haven't tried Larry's bucket style wheels yet, but I will… #
  • I should have read the fine print! #
  • Flag on the play! The school had an important event come up and we got bumped. We are working hard to find a new… #
  • Does anyone here work at or manage a Dunkin Donuts? I am desperately trying to buy a bottle of the 'Pumpkin Spice… #
  • We have a new date: Hedgehog Fest will be on Oct 6th, same time, same place. My apologies for the late change;… #
  • It's time to clean the moms and babies. I did the boys and the group cages yesterday. No rest for the weary! #

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