Aug 252012
  • I'm updating my care sheet. Are there any questions that I should cover that aren't already answered? #
  • Niles Eclectus (re-tweet)
    Just a friendly reminder to people about vet bills. This past week I have had one rat… #
  • I had 2 people not show up to the open house this weekend that were going to buy hedgehogs. So if you are ready… #
  • I'm working on the ribbons for Hedgehog Fest 2012. It's going to be on Sat Oct. 13th. Mark your calendars; we hope to see you there! #
  • I got a surprise visit by my USDA inspector just now. We passed, of course. I am glad I was home! #
  • We booked our room for Hedgehog Fest here:… #
  • Looking for ideas for fun contests for Hedgehog Fest, for example, a meal worm eating contest, oldest hedgehog, etc. #
  • What is the most important thing you think someone needs to know about owning a hedgehog? I am updating my care… #

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