Jul 212012
  • Check out these Microscope images of hedgehogs from Gloria See. She even mentions Hamor Hollow!… http://t.co/9aeSiIYp #
  • Oh my! So very wrong! http://t.co/WII2aJLz #
  • Happy Birthday to Sean Sosik-Hamor, Hedgehog Daddy, webmaster, and photographer for Hamor Hollow! http://t.co/nTHEPLro #
  • Hedgehog Fest 2012 is tentatively scheduled for Saturday Oct 13th. Norfolk Aggie in Walpole, MA will be hosting… http://t.co/8uuInzRc #
  • I just lost a young mom, she was only just over a year. She has 2 3 week old babies that are a bit small for… http://t.co/fvzKgevK #
  • The 2 foster babies are doing great with their new mom. They were cuddled together when I checked them last night… http://t.co/iERLRVQ5 #
  • We lost Erizo overnight. He was the last of the hedgehogs we got from Prickly Pair when Nicole was breeding. I… http://t.co/E5iLyRyg #

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