Jul 282012
New photo gallery: Open House (07/28/2012)

Another totally crazy fully-packed Open House! We made lots of new friends smile as they stopped by just to learn and a few lucky babies also found new homes! Photos are available on Facebook for tagging or check out the photos in their original gallery to buy prints!

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Jul 282012

Attention Kathleen and Audrey Daly: Both of your emails are bouncing. I need a valid email to contact you, so… http://t.co/SXWzEmW1 # I just got my food order and I will be doing a mailing on Thursday. If you need food, order it by midnight… http://t.co/kcHRwsQk # Last call for food orders to be mailed » Continue reading…

Jul 212012

Check out these Microscope images of hedgehogs from Gloria See. She even mentions Hamor Hollow!… http://t.co/9aeSiIYp # Oh my! So very wrong! http://t.co/WII2aJLz # Happy Birthday to Sean Sosik-Hamor, Hedgehog Daddy, webmaster, and photographer for Hamor Hollow! http://t.co/nTHEPLro # Hedgehog Fest 2012 is tentatively scheduled for Saturday Oct 13th. Norfolk Aggie in Walpole, MA will » Continue reading…

Jul 072012

Hedgehog Food will be sent out on Monday. If you need food, order it by Midnight tonight (Sunday)…. http://t.co/4i7x19uW # Happy 4th of July! Please remember to keep your dogs inside today. Too many dogs get spooked from the fireworks and run off. # Our questionnaire is not phone compatible. You need to use a » Continue reading…