Mar 242012
New photo gallery: Open House (03/24/2012)

This morning’s Open House was a bit more laid back taking some appointments instead of the usual Open House free-for-all. Some hedgies went home and some new fans stopped by just to learn! Photos are available on Facebook for tagging or check out the photos in their original gallery to buy prints!

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Mar 242012

If you visited us today, please stop by our page and tag yourself in the photos. # I will be mailing out hedgehog food on Tuesday, order by midnight tonight. # Dear hedgehog herd, It's 2pm and the sun is high in the sky. What's up with all the racket? #

Mar 172012

3 month old male cinnacot uber pinto (mostly white) available for $100. He is a sweet boy, but he's scent… # 환영합니다 We'd like to welcome Krystal Warthen (크리스탈), the thousandth person to Like Hamor Hollow Hedgehogs! # I'm mailing hedgehog food out on Tuesday, so if you need it or you are getting » Continue reading…

Mar 102012

Reminder: food is being mailed on Tuesday, get your orders in by Monday night. # Last call for Hedgehog Food orders. Get them in by midnight tonight and I will ship out on Tuesday. Orders… # If you want to buy a hedgehog, you must fill out our questionnaire and you must try to » Continue reading…

Mar 032012

Come to "Impromptu Open House – Hedgehogs Available" Today from 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm. This event is for anyone who… # I'm packing up food to mail out on Tuesday. If you are low on food, order now. Next mailing will be Friday. # I'm setting up Saturday appointments for anyone interested in » Continue reading…