Apr 162011
  • We just had 2 new litters born within the last 2 hours. Babies are tiny and quill-less so far. I don't know how many are in each litter yet. #
  • Chat with Kelly tonight at 6PM EST over on Hedgehog World. Click the 'For Fun' menu and then click chat. Join us… http://fb.me/usrhiHX4 #
  • Answers to your hedgehog questions: Live chat right now over at hedgehogworld.com #
  • 6PM EST live chat on Hedgehog World! Bring your questions and stories! #
  • Hop on over to Hedgehog World Chat. Kelly is waiting to answer your questions. #
  • 4 babies ready to go home this weekend. Please email me if interested. I will try to get those who have been waiting the longest first. #
  • 4 babies available this weekend. Waiting 24 hours to return emails, will give those who have been waiting longest… http://fb.me/LnSnHKXl #
  • @KathywithaK27 fill out questionnaire and look for babies tweets. We don't keep a list. in reply to KathywithaK27 #
  • It's Hedgehog World chat time, where is everyone? #
  • Cleaning cages, I just found a mom with 3 new babies. #

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