Feb 192011
  • We have new babies chirping in the nest. I don't know how many and I'm not going to disturb the new mom. #
  • http://fb.me/RxTjx2aQ #
  • Holy Cow! Lanna Banana has 7 babies! It's her 1st litter and she's doing great so far. #
  • I just matched up 3 pairs for Valentines day. Let's hope love is in the air and there is a lot of squeaking in the Hedgehog room! #
  • Lanna Banana is doing great with her 7 babies and doesn't mind when I peep in the nest. #
  • Looking for someone in the NYC area who wants to adopt or temporarily house a hedgehog. Owner has allergies. #
  • Lanna Banana and the 7 Dwarfs…… er hogglets http://fb.me/OhsHvPFF #

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