May 022010
  • @pnp26 lmk if you really do want a skinny pig. My friend has a few still available and babies in a few months in reply to pnp26 #
  • We just turned up the heat in the #hedgehog room. It's cold and damp today. Please check on your #hedgies andake sure their heat pads are on #
  • I just answered all of my #hedgehog email. If you haven't gotten a reply, please check your spam box and then send me another email. #
  • 2 females age 2.5+ are coming in as rescues. Looking for some1 who has hedgehog experience. Prefer to place them 2geter. Forever homes only. #
  • I'm in the market for chickens. Is anyone local getting rid of any egg laying chickens? If not, I am going to buy some this week. #
  • #Ubuntu Lucid Lynx realease today. Sean is hard at work with the #canonical team. #
  • Just finished playing with the #babies in the #hedgehog room. It feels weird not having babies ready to leave but I am enjoying the break. #
  • Fat Karoline only had 1 #hedgie #baby. I hope there are more on the way, iif not some1 out there is missing a smart car and I know who 8 it! #

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