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Special thanks to everyone who helped me add to the list and calculate prices. Even I didn’t realize how expensive the little ones are!

Here are your basic, yearly, and additional costs for purchasing and owning a hedgehog. Please use this as a guideline, as costs will vary. Vet rates, in particular, may vary in extreme from one clinic to another.

Remember that in choosing to get a pet you are making a financial, emotional, and time commitment to a living thing. If you are the parent of a child or teenager that wants a hedgehog, you also need to consider who will keep up with routine maintenance when/if your child grows bored of the pet. Please think on this before committing to a hedgehog.

Basic costs (total: $233 – $408):

  • Hedgehog: $160 – $225
  • Carrier: $8 – $15
  • Cage: $10 – $70
  • Wheel (11″ minimum size): $15 – $35
  • Water Bottle (Small): $3 – $8
  • Food Bowls (Shallow): $3 – $6
  • Hut (Guinea Pig Size): $6
  • Heating Pad or Ceramic Heat Emitter: $15 – $30
  • Digital thermometer that clips to cage: $5
  • Nail Clippers (Child Size): $3
  • Bag Balm (Dry Ears)- $5


Yearly costs (total: $214 – $378):

  • Sanitizing Wipes(to clean the cage): $8 – $12
  • Food (1 year) $50
  • Bedding (1 year) $75 – $225*
  • Treats (1 year): $20
  • Hedgehog Bags: $6 – $20
  • Toys: $5 – $10
  • Vet (Yearly Healthy Hedgehog Check): $50

* Bedding costs take into consideration your choice of pine, aspen, carefresh, wood pellets, or liners and laundry.


Extras you may choose to buy:

  • Digital Scale: $15 – $50
  • Exercise Ball (Guinea Pig Size): $20
  • Aveeno Bath (to sooth quilling): $6
  • Play Fence: $25
  • Vitamin E Oil: $12.50
  • Incidentals: $50


Vet Costs You May Incur:

  1. Revolution: $15
  2. X-Rays: $150
  3. Sedation (Never for a yearly visit): $75
  4. Ear Smear: $16
  5. Mite Scrape: $5
  6. Fecal float: $10
  7. Baytril: $46.90
  8. Clavamox: $30.00
  9. Gentamicinin Sulfate (eye drops): $15.45
  10. Metacam: $20.70


Hints to keep your cost down:

  • Consider adopting a rescue hedgehog from CraigsList, PetFinder.com, or the Hedgehog Welfare Society. Please see that the hedgehog gets an initial vet exam and remember that there may be health related issues in older hedgehogs. Only consider adopting if you are willing to seek the vet care that the hedgehog deserves.
  • Check CraigsList and FreeCycle for used cages and equipment. Be sure all used equipment is in good shape and there is no rust, cracked plastic, or sharp edges.
  • Buy bedding in larger bags and store the unused bedding in a rubber maid bin.
  • Buy food mix from your breeder and freeze anything you can’t use quickly. Unused food will start losing valuable nutrition after 6 months and making your own mix gets costly because you are buying numerous individual bags.
  • Be sure to take your hedgehog to the vet at the first sign of a problem, or at least yearly. Catching a problem early can save you a lot of time and money.
  • Making the initial investment to buy a studier equipment (specifically the wheel) will save you the cost of replacing worn and broken stuff down the line.
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