Jul 292007
Clipping Nails

Clipping your hedgehog’s nails may seem like a difficult and intimidating job, but once you know what to do and get in a little practice, you’ll see that it really isn’t that hard. Use whatever nail clippers you are most comfortable with. I use a small child’s finger nail clipper, but a small scissors or » Continue reading…

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Jul 242007
Bathing Your Hedgehog

Hedgehogs have naturally dry skin, so you do not want to bath them very often.  They may occasionally come across something new and smelly, and have the odd desire to spread it on their quills and get themselves rather messy.  This is called self anointing, and depending on what your hedgehog has found, this could » Continue reading…

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Jul 212007
A Sad Ending

The baby I’ve been hand feeding, every 2-3 hours for the past several days, died this morning. She wasn’t looking so good at her 6:30am feeding, and by 9am she was dead. It’s very sad and I feel like I’ve wasted the past several days, but I felt that I had to give it my » Continue reading…

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Jul 182007

The little baby made it through her first day. Sake wasn’t comfortable with her, so I slipped her in with FiGiSGM’s litter. FiGiSGM (Funky Girl Stasi Gave Me) is fine with the foster and is allowing her to stay in the nest and keep warm. The baby isn’t suckling, and I’m not sure why. She » Continue reading…

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Jul 172007

It’s 5:20AM and technically Tuesday morning. However, I haven’t gone to bed yet and Monday needs a blog entery, So in my world it’s still Monday. I was doing my last hedgehog check of the night when something looked off in Mokie’s cage. She started out with 6 babies and one was still born. It » Continue reading…

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