Jun 302007

Well, the return visit went really well. My parents were relaxed when they got back from Maine and dad told stories about the puffins and the Shaker Village they saw. Mom was, well, she was being her usual neurotic Martha-like self. I mean it in a good way, I really do. Mom doesn’t relax. Instead » Continue reading…

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Jun 282007

Friday is the day that every hedgehog here at Hamor Hollow gets a full cage cleaning. I do partial changes during the week (particularly for the moms and group cages), but Friday is the big day when the whole Hollow gets a cleaning. Why Friday you ask? Well, there are 2 reasons. #1 is that » Continue reading…

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Jun 262007

Overall, the visit went really well. Well, if you ignored all my mother’s cuts and jabs at the hedgehogs and cats and me. But they thought the house looked great and they liked the lights and paint colors I picked out. They left for Maine this AM and will be back on Friday. Mom and » Continue reading…

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Jun 232007
Sonic's 16th Birthday

We’d like to wish a Very Happy 16th Birthday to our favorite, and sometimes least favorite, little blue hedgehog. Sonic, you’ve been both a great joy and a bitter nemesis to all of us hedgehog breeders. You certainly did your part in getting people interested in owning hedgehogs as pets, and for that we thank » Continue reading…

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Jun 232007

Today wasn’t about hedgies, it was about getting ready for my parent to visit tomorrow. Imagine, if you will, Martha Stewart popping in for a visit. Ya, mom’s house is that clean (she also makes amazing dinners and desserts for large numbers of people, hand quilts full size quilts, and makes origami snow flakes). The » Continue reading…

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Jun 232007
Another Loss

AKH Apple Pooter passed away tonight. She had been a very good mom who was enjoying living with Alison and some of our other ladies at the Hedgehog Retirement home. Apple’s 2 girls HAH Cobbler AKH and HAH Tart will carry on her line for both Terrapin Hedgehogs and Hamor Hollow. Apple was one of » Continue reading…

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Jun 222007
Recent Losses

It is time to say goodbye to a few members of our herd: AAH Fugu passed away on 6/20/07. Fugu was a great stud who sired babies for both Hamor Hollow and Terrapin Hedgehogs , and he’s left behind a legacy of dark gray and Algerian Black pogs and grand pogs.  Fugu was born in » Continue reading…

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Jun 202007

Happy Summer Solstice! It’s the longest day of the year, so do something useful with it. Sean and I painted the entryway and hallway tonight, but really that was after the sun went down. I didn’t do anything exciting with my day. Well, I bought about $90 worth of bone color and white paint and » Continue reading…

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Jun 192007

The little weaning girls made a mess of their cage tonight. They managed to empty out the entire water bottle and get the whole front half of their cage wet (That happens a lot when the babies are learning to drink on their own). So the shavings were wet and their food pile was wet » Continue reading…

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