May 242007

Every year we get a rush of people interested in giving or getting a hedgehog as a gift for Christmas. We understand that this is a good opportunity for parents to buy that hedgehog that your child has been asking for and researching, but we do ask that you make sure that this is really the right pet for your family before you buy it.

We don’t advocate giving a live animal as a surprise gift so we request that the primary caretaker or recipient be present when the hedgehog is picked up to receive a lesson on proper care and handling. We believe that children can make great hedgehog owners as long as a parent is actively involved. If your child is asking for a hedgehog please call us and we will be glad to discuss care requirements with you to help you decide if a hedgehog will fit into your family. We want to make sure your decision is in the best interest of both your family and the hedgehog and we would be more than glad to schedule a visit so that you and your family can interact with and learn about hedgehogs and their care requirements.

Since fertility and baby productions decrease during the Winter months, please contact us early and consider getting your new pet before the Christmas rush. This will allow you more time to enjoy your hedgehog before the hectic hustle and bustle of the Winter holidays.

Please feel free to e-mail us with any questions or schedule a visit to meet and play with the hedgehogs to aid in your decision. We want to do everything possible to encourage responsible pet ownership and proper care.

We currently have several breading pairs lined up and we are looking forward to having a nice variety of colors and personalities available to choose from.

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