May 312007

Article from Vienna starts first hedgehog-count Vienna – Austria’s capital Vienna wants to keep a tab on its spiky residents, setting up the city’s first-ever hedgehog-count. In cooperation with Naturschutzbund, an animal welfare organization, the city magistrates Thursday called on the Viennese to count hedgehogs in their neighbourhood. “We ask people to report sightings » Continue reading…

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May 242007
Proper Hedgehog Cages

When it comes to hedgehog caging, bigger is better, but expensive isn’t always best. In fact, it’s best to start out with something cheap and easy to acquire, and then to upgrade once you have your pet and a better idea of what of he or she needs. The minimum space requirement for your cage » Continue reading…

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May 242007

Ferrets of New England has kits available now and more babies available to reserve. If you are looking for a quality pet ferret, FNE is the place to go. Chocolates, Points, Cinnamons, Sables, and Dark Sables are all expected. Go early and go back often, and tell ’em “The hedgehogs made you do it”!

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May 242007

Every year we get a rush of people interested in giving or getting a hedgehog as a gift for Christmas. We understand that this is a good opportunity for parents to buy that hedgehog that your child has been asking for and researching, but we do ask that you make sure that this is really » Continue reading…

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May 242007

Hamor Hollow has male and female chocolate, snow, and cinnacot babies available and ready to go to new homes. Males are $160 and females are $185. Über pintos will be available in a few weeks. Cash or money order is expected at pick-up. Lineage is provided with all babies including parents’ names and birth dates, » Continue reading…

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May 052007

The Great Turtle Race is over, but the contests are continuing. The race from nesting grounds to the Galapogas Islands is finished, but now the turtles are compeating to see who can dive the deapest and hold their breath the longest. The turtle I was/am chearing on is Champiro, who got 3rd place in the » Continue reading…

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May 042007

We are pleased to announce that our hedgehogs got a clear bill of health from the vet yesterday. Their bi-annual fecal sample came up all clean. Kelly

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May 042007

We are very excited to announce that our Spring hedge-babies are starting to appear. Escapade has 2 babies in her first litter, on May 1st, and she is being an extrodinary mom. Slush, Escapade’s mom, is also an extrodinary mom and she has fostered several times for moms who could not or would not take care of their own » Continue reading…

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