Oct 272006

The hedgehog safty campagin is back and running strong. Well, technically it never left, its always been a big hit with kids in England. We just don’t hear about it because, well, we don’t have wild hedgehogs running around all over the place in the US. Here’s the latest news story from News & Star » Continue reading…

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Oct 242006

We’ve had more babies born at Hamor Hollow over the past few days. So far all is looking good and we have high hopes of being able to provide some of our new friends with nice happy and healthy hedgehogs. The hedgehogs that were born today won’t be ready to go to new homes until » Continue reading…

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Oct 232006

Prickly Business for Kind Joan From Express And Star While most people only see the odd hedgehog each year, Joan Lockley has thrown open her door to more than 80 of the spiky creatures this year alone.During the summer she had 13 of the needy animals living in her dining room and she is forever » Continue reading…

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Oct 212006

Check out Ferrets Of New England’s videos on YouTube. They have some funny Halloween video, as well as an educational video on how to clip your ferrets nails. If you sign up for a YouTube account and rate Val’s video’s. Let’s get her to the top of the list for Ferret viedos.

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Oct 202006

One of my moms had 4 babies sometime this morning. I heard the peeping when went in to turn on the lights. When I peeped in, she was nursing them and being a good mother. She was positioned right in front of the door to her nest, so I was able to count 4 little » Continue reading…

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Oct 182006

One of my moms had 4 babies today. I found them this evening….all 4 were decapitated. *sigh* This wasn’t her first litter, so I don’t have any idea why she freaked out and decided to kill them. I am speculating that maybe it was a difficult birth, the babies were huge and she was past » Continue reading…

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Oct 172006

I picked up more hedgehog bins (I use steralite bins as cages) at the store the other day, so I spent some time preparing them and getting them ready for my pregnant moms. First, I take a soldering iron and burn 2 holes for water bottles. My water bottles hang on the outside of the » Continue reading…

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Oct 162006

Almond is being a great mom to both her babies and the fosters. The 2 fosters are still smaller, but they are definately growing, thriving, and looking stronger. Thank the Gods for Almond, I know I never would have been able to save the babies on my own! Everyone else is looking good here, so » Continue reading…

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