Jan 282004

Hamor Hollow is collecting recyclable soda cans and bottles to raise money for hedgehog rescue and education. We’ll be periodically donating the proceeds to non-profit hedgehog organizations, or utilizing the funds for the care and treatment of on-site rescues. A complete record of donations and transactions is available upon request. We’d like to thank all » Continue reading…

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Jan 122004
Dilly Goes to School

By: Naomi, 4th Grade On January twelfth, Dilly (formerly of Hamor Hollow, now residing in Newton) went to school to visit my 4th grade class. The kids thought the fabulous Dilly was a dreadful and ugly Porcupine! The porcupine rumor was giving the wonderful Dilly a bad reputation and that made him hissing mad! Spiky » Continue reading…

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